Re-Clothing of Combing Rollers

We offer this service to most of the customers within India. We undertake re-clothing of combing rollers for Oerlikon BD 200/330/380/416 and Rieter BDA10N, BT923 machines.

On completion of first lifecycle of your OEM supplied Combing Rollers (mostly after 3-5 years, based on the raw materials you use), we can un-mount the old wires and re-cloth your old combing roller heads with original Trutzchler/Graf Wires, based on your preference. This can be done upto 2-3 times, which will give you an extra (3-4 years of life) for the same head with much lesser cost.

We undertake reclothing of Metallic and Chemical Polished and also Diamond Coated wires.

Mounting & Dynamic Balancing

It is essential that your Rotors/Combing Rollers after mounting are dynamic balanced. We have state of the art machinery equipments which we are able to offer this service to all our customers within India at competitive prices.

Reed Servicing

“Our Principals M/S. Schoch Reeds India Ltd offers value added services like Removal and Replacement of damaged dents, Removal of Groove formations, Adding Extra springs, Airflow Checking, Reed Fine tuning, Ultrasonic Cleaning etc on your used Reeds.

We can also offer few of these services in-house. Most of our customers enjoy double the life of your old reeds by sending them to us.

PCB/Sensor Servicing

We undertake servicing of Step Motor PCBs, Section PCBs, IQ+ Sensors etc. Rather than going for an outright purchase of these spares, you can reduce your maintenance cost by servicing them with us.